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Holy Spirit Credentials for the team.

Remember, Jesus does not choose the ‘qualified’; He qualifies the ‘chosen’!


Kat:  Rocks the color pink, has many frequent flyer miles to Heaven, food group: chocolate ice cream and pizza, Rules in the spirit from an invisible platform

Margaret:   Big on Bling, drives a Harley, Calculates in the ‘Now’ but lives in the ‘Future’ and on purpose stops to smell the Roses

Jen:  Takes blue hair to a whole new level, chooses Life and shares it often, former dog nanny, ‘sees’ Heaven in cartoon images

Ben:  Irish boy filled with charm & blarney, Surf Junkie, Mega Marked Canvas

Kim: Born to dance (her feet are weapons of God), Director of Turtle Rescue Society, has a Unicorn in Heaven named Majestic

Capt Bing:  Random prankster, life long fish whisperer, loves Strawberry ice cream and  Kat’s pink hair; drives a 1993 Jeep affectionately named “The Bait Mobile”

Kiel:  Speaks fluent ‘Wookie”, looks good in moose antlers, Sings sounds of Heaven and makes a mean Tomato Pie

GiGi:  Eternally young, Queen of the Zip Line, little Leader of a tribe born to Demonstrate Heaven and loves dill pickle and peanut butter sandwiches