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Kat Kerr, author of Revealing Heaven tells about one of the most profound mysteries ever revealed to her as she was caught up by Holy Spirit and stood before the Father’s Throne! This revelation takes you back in time to The Ancient Paths (before the earth was created) and shares where we played in the heart of the Father before coming to Earth. It explains why He says we are His offspring and why Heaven is truly our home!

During this message Kat also discloses what the Father showed her concerning the Stones of Fire that Lucifer walked upon (Ezekiel 28). It reveals where the ‘Holy Mount’ was and why Lucifer said he was like the Most High!

Finally, you will be empowered when she shares about, ‘The Violent that take it by force’ and learn how to be activated and release the anointing that abides in every believer according to 1 John 2:27!