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Every Good GIFT comes down from the Father of Lights! We are the GIFTS that were sent by the Father and He put His light in us! Find out where you lived in Heaven before being knit together in your mother’s womb!

AMAZING revelation on the Word of God (received when caught up to Heaven) which helps you identify your ‘NATURAL gifts’ and how we help establish the Kingdom of God in the earth by using them! Ephesians 4 talks about ‘SOME’ of the gifts (the five fold ministry) but what are the rest? The world has no problem identifying their natural gifts but the church looks only for spiritual gifts.

This REVELATION releases you into a supernatural realm as the Father shares plans for His endtime sons and daughters to use their gifts in the Marketplace and even open doors for others to do the same!

Blessings on the VCMI family in MD/CD/VA for allowing this to be recorded in an atmosphere of GLORY!