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Revealing Heaven - An Eyewitness Account
The Book



The Scribe Angels
(A profound Word from God)

To Him who sits upon the throne, we give Praise, Honor and Glory forever and ever, that He would desire to reveal His home in the Heavens to the men of the Earth.  Rejoice, O Earth, Rejoice!  For Heaven is about to kiss you and when it does, the Fire of His Passion will consume every living being.  He will forever leave His mark on the hearts of millions and they shall come to know Him as their Savior.  Be thankful citizens of Earth that you are living in this day and hour, when the Glory of the Lord will cover the whole Earth.  How magnificent in His ways, how mighty in His acts is the hand of Him who sits upon the throne.  In eternity they shall sing about these days – the great and powerful days before the end comes.  All things will be shaken and all things will be restored to and through God’s faithful believers! 

Prepare, O enemies of the Most High, to be made His footstool!  None will escape His Glory and there will be no place to hide from His Light!  He who has chosen this handmaiden to reveal the hidden things, the precious things, and the treasures stored up in His Heaven for those who love Him and love the coming of Him!  We, His faithful Scribes, created by Him in the beginning to serve in His celestial realm and to record the words of those we are sent for; and to deliver and release His messages to those whom He trusts - are grateful to be a part of His divine plan in revealing Heaven.

Prepare you faithful ones, whom have stood under much warfare and devastation of the enemy.  Prepare to receive great reward, now, in this lifetime and in the glorious life to come.  You are about to see the power of your God released, and you will truly know that He is in control.  Behold, His fire comes to blaze across this world and into the hearts of men, to push back the great darkness and claim His creation back to Himself. 

Prepare men and women of God, those who watch over the souls of their congregations - to yield to the Holy Spirit of God when asked to lay down your plans, man’s plans, and allow Him to take control during this hour.  For those who yield, there shall be great increase of anointing in your ministry.  For those who refuse to yield, your place shall be given to another and some will even sleep early!  Prepare your hearts, for He must first visit His leaders and then His church body.  Will you all be able to stand and carry this Glory, or will you be exposed by its coming?

The bowls before the altar are tipping and the veil of flesh has been torn; nothing or no one can stop what is about to happen!   Manifestations of His power through signs, wonders and the miraculous will happen everywhere – no buildings will be able to contain them. 

He will no longer be put in a box, nor will He wear any man’s tag, but He will unite His true Body of believers and the World will know them by their love for each other!  Prepare to hear a new sound – the sound of Heaven!

This is a glimpse into Eternity!   Prepare to read.   Prepare to be forever changed.  Prepare people of Earth, for in the year 2007, God is REVEALING HEAVEN!


(Dictated to Kat Kerr in 2006)



If you have always wondered about Life after Death, this is the book for you ! It will Amaze, Delight and give you Hope for Eternity. Don’t just read about Heaven; ‘see’ what it has to offer those who choose to go there by accepting Jesus as their Savior (John 3:16 & 17). You will be surprised when you learn what God has prepared for His people. The bible says, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him. But God has revealed them unto us by His Spirit….”

(I Corinthians 2:9 & 10)

Kat Kerr was taken by the Spirit of God on tours of Heaven for over ten years and has now been commissioned to reveal what she was shown. Two scribe angels were assigned to assist her and they have also delivered the ‘Foreword’ for the book, which is a profound message from God! She not only visited Heaven, but was shown visions of many things that are about to take place on earth. We are entering into a ‘Holy’ season of Heaven being released on earth – it will change life as we know it!

Prepare to not only read about her journeys, but through the illustrations, you will ‘view’ places which actually exist in Heaven. Besides the ‘Throne Room’, you will see the ‘Portal’ where those living in the celestial city go to view their families on earth. You will also visit the ‘Rush’, Heaven’s biggest roller coaster and then go to the nurseries and meet ‘Rahmee’, one of the many angels who care for the millions of aborted and miscarried babies – Heaven has ALL of them. Learn how, because of the grace of God, you get a ‘second’ chance to raise your baby in Heaven; if you choose to make it your home when you die. You will see and read about many other fantastic places she saw in Heaven.

In ‘Revealing Heaven’, you will read about the lives of three individuals who now live in Heaven and how their families’ lives were changed forever when God lifted the veil between the celestial realm and earth and allowed them to ‘hear’ from Heaven. You will see for yourself the ‘evidence’ that was provided by a young girl’s mother, as proof that Heaven is a literal place where you continue to live a life of ‘joy’ after you die!

Grief will be dispelled for all who have lost loved ones! You are NOT forgotten by those who have passed on and they see you more often then you could have ever imagined (read Hebrews 12:1). They are more alive in Heaven than they ever were on earth and they will be there to greet you one day, when you arrive at the gate. JUST IMAGINE – Perfect Love and Peace with freedom from sickness, fear, poverty, old age, hate, crime and war; only a life lived in the presence of a Holy, Loving God. He has prepared a place for you, but will you occupy it? Hell is the alternative (which is also described in the book) and no one will want to go there! To insure your entrance into Heaven, please follow the instructions given in Chapter Ten of the book. I pray you will be encouraged through the revelations given and Praise God for His Goodness to mankind for Revealing Heaven!


Note: Watch for Volumes II and III of Revealing Heaven, which continue the journeys to Heaven – also illustrated!


About the Illustrator

The wonderful illustrations in this book are the combined effort of the Author who did all original sketches and Walter Reynolds, a gifted artist who received revelation from God and then brought them to life!

Walter is mostly self taught and has had no formal training beyond what he had in high school.  Realizing he had a God given gift, he has spent many years perfecting it and then dedicated all his efforts to the bring Glory to the giver.  Now the Holy Spirit expresses himself through Walter and what results is an artistic form of worship to Jesus.  He is a humble person who feels honored to bring Heaven into the earthly realm so that all men may experience for themselves the world God has prepared for those who love him. 

He is currently taking each of the illustrations and creating a finished work of art in brilliant color.  Prints of these color illustrations will be made available on this website in the near future.  His next project will be to illustrate the children’s version of a book on Heaven that is being produced by One Quest International and authored by Jen Voorhees. 

He is a freelance artist and is available for other projects.  For info concerning Walter or his artwork, please contact him with subject line as Walter at:  contactoqi@gmail.com